Thoughts: Psyllium Husk

I've found a bun recipe that uses psyllium husk. I entered the recipe into MFP and between the use of Bob's Red Mill superfine almond flour (high net carbs as compared to other brands) and Pure-Le Natural psyllium husk powder (also high net carbs as compared to other brands), it has taken the buns up to 10 net carbs! The nutritional values are correct per all the labels.

So my question is this:

According to their website, the nutritional values for this psyllium husk is: Calories 35 (per 2 Tbsp/10g serving) Total Carbohydrates 10g Dietary Fiber 6g Total Sugars 0g

The only ingredient is: Psyllium Husks (Plantago ovata)

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I've checked some other brands and most have net carbs of 1. Does this seem right? Should I just ditch the powder and order something else? Keep it and reduce the net carbs? How is there such a difference?? It's the same idea with Bob's almond flour…what gives?

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