Nutty Allergy workarounds – Ideas?

Hi Guys, ​ My GF and I have been on/off Keto since xmas with pretty good results. As we start to dive into other foods we are limited. She is allergic to most NUTS but not pistachio/cashew. Most recipes call for Almond flour to be used. Case example: Fat Pizza 🙁 I have coconut flour, not tried it yet – wouldn't the taste be a tad strong? You guys got any good recipes to use avoiding adding nuts. A proven tasty / filling pizza recipe, any good fat bombs recipes would be great and maybe those with these allergys, any Gold Star pointers you love to share? submitted by /u/LordOfWar_88 [link] [comments] Read more:

Thoughts: Psyllium Husk

I've found a bun recipe that uses psyllium husk. I entered the recipe into MFP and between the use of Bob's Red Mill superfine almond flour (high net carbs as compared to other brands) and Pure-Le Natural psyllium husk powder (also high net carbs as compared to other brands), it has taken the buns up to 10 net carbs! The nutritional values are correct per all the labels. So my question is this: According to their website, the nutritional values for this psyllium husk is: Calories 35 (per 2 Tbsp/10g serving) Total Carbohydrates 10g Dietary Fiber 6g Total Sugars 0g The only ingredient is: Psyllium Husks (Plantago ovata) I've checked some other brands and most have net carbs of 1. …

Cloud bread consistency question

Hello! Thank you to everyone who posts such awesome recipes! I am so excited to try them. This morning to prep for a family 4th of July get together I decided to make cloud bread from the Paleo Palate recipe I found. That way my hubby and o could use them as buns. I cooked them longer than it said to try to get the golden-brown color but there was still a layer of wet “batter” in the middle of each bread piece. Does anyone have any tips on making sure they are done in the middle but don’t overlook? Are they supposed to have a bit of undone stuff in the center? I thought that was questionable because they …

Looking for a peanut butter cookie recipe without any added sugars

I’ve been trying to find a cookie recipe that doesn’t use any sugars at all, a search here turns up a bunch of 3 ingredient recipes using Swerve etc but what can I use if I don’t want to include any Swerve (or other sweetener) at all? Honestly I’ve gotten so sensitive to sweetness that most recipes using sugar subs are too dang sweet! Anyone got a recipe that works? I assume the 1 cup average is for bulking the dough, should I try coconut flour or almond? Peanut butter or any cookie would be great! Thanks a bunch! submitted by /u/BadBorzoi [link] [comments] Read more: