Attempted to make gluten free Dutch pancakes for my partner.

Dutch pancakes are my all time favorite breakfast food. For those who don’t know what they are, they’re basically crepes, but a little bit thicker and one less ingredient. And wayyyy better, lol. Though I love crepes. Well almond flour was NOT the right flour to use. I ended up with scrambled egg looking pancakes, which tasted of almond and egg? I even used less eggs than the recipe calls for cause I didn’t want it too eggy… Anyone here know of a GF flour that could thicken this recipe up, so it doesn’t flop again? (Quite literally) submitted by /u/tangerineastralplane [link] [comments] Read more:

aldi live G free brand Gluten free pasta is different now.. no slime, foam or boiling over.

so now it comes in a box instead of a bag, you get 12 oz instead of 16, its a new recipe, i just got some and it did not try to boil over on me once while cooking nor did it make any foam.. the water was a little milky looking when it was finished but still thin and runny water instead of thick and slimy, no slimy mess stuck to the inside of my pan or anything, the pan is nice and clean after pouring it into my strainer.. it cooked up really fast too.. taste very similar to real pasta ​ every GF pasta i have treid just made slime and foamed so bad it would keep …