Rachel Roddy’s recipe for penne all’arrabbiata | A Kitchen in Rome

The art of the tomato pasta sauce is distilled beautifully in this simple classic – a fiery delight to serve with penne

Our white stove is spattered red, as is the sleeve of my dress. There are thin, red skins blocking the sink and caught up in the plug, like seaweed on a ship’s chain. I have also just touched my contact lens with the same fingers that crumbled chillies, and finished a big bottle of olive oil. In return, though, we have just eaten the most satisfying and fiery tomato sauce.

As much as I enjoy the tinned tomato sauces that see us through the winter and spring, there is nothing like fresh tomato sauce. One that shouts summer, even when the sky doesn’t; one that is bright, jammy and slick with olive oil.

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