Rachel Roddy’s Italian frittata recipe | A Kitchen in Rome

Studded with courgettes and fat crumbs of ricotta, this light, soft frittata is a herald of summer

When did having hard-boiled eggs at Gatwick airport become a habit? Four years ago? Two years ago? I could probably work it out if I went back over the wads of boarding passes and the receipts of my pendulous life, but let’s say it was three years ago.

Every time I pass through the swishing electric doors into the arrivals hall at Gatwick, while others step into the arms of loved ones, I step into the refrigerated hum of Marks and Spencer’s food hall and buy two hard-boiled eggs. I might also get some water or a sandwich, a stick of cheddar or three packs of Walnut Whips, but these are variables. The tub containing two pearly-white eggs on a squeaky bed of baby spinach is not.

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