Liven up your spice: just apply heat

Old spices never grow old; they just lose their perk. Luckily, you can still arouse them with a bit of heat and turn them into dips such as dukkah

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Spices never really go off, but they do lose potency and flavour. Where possible, buy spices whole, because they last up to four years and will always be fresher than ready-ground. And store them in airtight jars, out of direct sunlight, to prolong their life.

If a spice does grow old, don’t give up – it can be revived with heat. Dry roast whole spices until they smell aromatic and pop, then add to a dish or grind. To bring ground spices back to life, heat them in a dry pan or some oil, with or without onions, but be careful they don’t catch and burn.

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