Drink to your Health with these Juices from the 2 Eves

Bottoms up.

The 2 Eves is an unpretentious, intimate space for a good gab with the girls, or a drink with the boys. Throw in some simple, no-fuss, yet delicious food and you have yourself a winning recipe.

Health juices are all the rage now. It’s never been easier to get all the nutrients your body needs. Get a load of these power-packed juices (R25 – small | R35 – large) from The 2 Eves:

Green Monster – spinach, cucumber, kale, celery, apple
Purple Ninja – beetroot, carrot, apple
Vitamin C Booster – orange, chilli, ginger
Cloudy Apple – apple, lemon, ginger
Tropical Sunshine – orange and pineapple
Apple only
Orange only
Plus ginger shots!

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Get your dose of health today.

Directions to The 2 Eves
Unit 2
C/O Kloof and Buitensingel
Cape Town
064 907 9110


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