Breakfast-Lovers, Rejoice! Maple Creme Oreos Are Finally a Thing – or So We Hope!

When I think maple, my mind goes straight to syrup and breakfast food, specifically pancakes and waffles. According to Delish, Oreo has embraced its own love for breakfast by reportedly creating a Maple Creme Oreo. So this means we can eat cookies for breakfast now, right?

Instagram user Junk Banter was lucky enough to come across a package of these sweets, which will be made with golden cookies and maple-flavored creme filling. Yum!


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While Junk Banter said we should expect the cookies later this year, possibly in late Summer or early Fall, we know we have a lot of questions in the meantime. Will the maple-flavored Oreos be purely sweet or will they have a slight buttery taste to create a flavor combination reminiscent of pancakes? Will I eat one cookie or all three rows before I’ve decided I’ve had enough? And will a maple-bacon Oreo be next? Hopefully these delicious-looking cookies will be released soon so we can find out!

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