Anna Jones’ courgette recipes | The Modern Cook

Courgettes come into their own at this time of year, and especially sing in this crisp, parmigiana-style bake and Middle-Eastern spicy dip

Courgettes will now be keeping us company until the end of summer. Right now, the ones I buy come from Italy, but as soon as the summer is in full swing they will come in a glut from British farmers and allotments.

After a trip to Sicily, and a lot of aubergine parmigiana, I have been craving breadcrumb-topped bakes. This courgette and ricotta one has layers of texture that make me cook this again and again: crisp yet buttery courgettes, pillowy ricotta, and a topping of melty mozzarella and crunchy breadcrumbs. And something baked for 40 minutes is the perfect food for my life at the moment, as it cooks in the time it takes for bath, stories and bedtime with my son.

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