Amazing cheesecake

Amazing cheesecake

I just had to share this as it has come out so well I could eat it by the bucket load. Someone here mentioned that TKMaxx has a range of zero carb syrups so I went hunting and found a few I liked the sound of. This afternoon I made up a basic keto cheesecake but added the pumpkin syrup to the mix and OMG it tastes good.


(sorry i cant give exact amounts, I tend to cook a lot by sight and taste)

Enough ground almonds to cover the base of your container.

Melted butter, enough to mix with the ground almonds to make a cheesecake base consistency.

Double cream

Equal volume of cream cheese.

Syrup to taste (I used 1.5 tbs).

Make up your base with the butter and ground almonds, press into the container and leave to firm up.

Whip the cream, cream cheese and syrup then pour onto your base and leave to set in the fridge.

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